If you are reading this text, then you are already part of the OAKY journey! A journey that includes creativity, joy, sincere communication, convenience and style, and the pursuit of keeping the customer happy!

And it all started much earlier – in the beginning there were only dreams that seemed unrealizable, but did not give peace for a long time. I had to wait for the day when I realized everything was doing it! Here and now! And all fears are gone. This was greatly influenced by the birth of a son.

I created everything in small steps without high expectations and enjoyed the process. The goal was to create something interesting, something different, something I liked, not someone else, I didn’t pursue fashion. But when I felt a lot of like-minded people embrace an indescribable feeling I didn’t even expect.

This is how OAKY came into being – stylish, comfortable clothing and accessories for children and parents who like to combine outfits with their little ones. It’s so much fun!

Thanks to those who have supported you from the beginning, to your team that helps implement all the ideas, thank you to all the customers for the nice words and feedback – it leads forward!